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  • Possibility of collecting and returning your car in rental offices throughout Cuba. Check one way car rental "drop-off" charges.
  • We guarantee that your car is ready the moment you arrive at the car rental office.
  • We offer a wide variety of car models and categories.
  • Destination assistance in Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa.
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Rent a car in Cuba: Renault Latitude Dynamique. Car Hire in Cuba with

Car Model & Specifications Renault Latitude Dynamique

Renault Latitude Dynamique

Capacity: 5-persons
Bags:  2-big  2-small
Transmission: Manual
Air Conditioning
Fuel tank capacity: 75
Cylinder capacity: 2.0
Hydraulic direction

Renault Latitude Dynamique characteristics

This middel size sedan is consider one of the most elegant Renault-Nissan cars.

Is 4.9 meters long with elegant lines thought for a global client.